[BETA] [HOT] New update tool to update Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile (and Project Astoria)

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IMPORTANT!!! Remember to turn on video subtitle to easily follow and understand the video content!
As you know, Project Astoria is a project that helps to ‘port’ apps from Android to Universal Windows App, or in simple words to help Android apps run on Windows 10.

-Htc One M8
-Samsung Ativ S
-Samsung Ativ SE
-Lumia 640
-Lumia 640
-Lumia 730
-Lumia 735
-Lumia 830
-Lumia 920
-Lumia 925
-Lumia 928
-Lumia Icon
-Lumia 930
-Lumia 1020
-Lumia 1520

+ Lumia 640:
+ Lumia 640xl:
+ Lumia 930:

– Htc One M8
– Samsung Ativ Odyssey
– Samsung Ativ SE
– Lumia 430
– Lumia 435
– Lumia 520
– Lumia 532
– Lumia 630
– Lumia 635
– Lumia 636
– Lumia 638
– Lumia 810
– Lumia 820
– Lumia 822
– Lumia 920
– Lumia 925
– Lumia 928
– Lumia Icon
– Lumia 930
– Lumia 1020
– Lumia 1520
For more details, please read the instructions for use in the Readme file carefully before using this Project Astoria update tool.
NOTE : At the present, the new update tool above is still in beta version, and of course there might be some errors when using it, so always remember to install all the necessary files we prepared to make the tool working normally, smoothly and efficiently before using it to update your phone.

Introducing a totally new update tool to help you update your Windows Phone 8.1 device to Windows 10 Mobile (and Project Astoria builds) easily, with a visual interface and easier to use than the old iutool…

Video By Hùng Lê from Windows Phone – VN

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(Updated) Download link of the tool above includes the AIO installation file of all necessary Visual C++ versions :
Windows 10 Mobile update tool :

Google Drive :
MediaFire :
Project Astoria update tool :

MediaFire :
Google Drive :

# Thanks to Fadil Fadz for the tutorial about how to use this tool correctly.
# Thanks to @Tourniquet88 for his tool to make our dream as reality.
# Thanks to HD2Owner for providing the update cabs.
# Thanks to Matheus silva and others who participated to testing and feedbacking.

Meanwhile, the original article path about the tool above (Windows 10 Mobile) :
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